Research at SIMAD

SIMAD University’s research activities are administered by the Center for Research and Development (CRD), representing the main bridge between the grants financiers, university researchers, and industry. CRD is in charge of overseeing matters about academic conferences, publications, research funds, research facilities, and equipment.

Research Funding

SIMAD University supports research through research grants, publication funds, human capital development, and a supportive research environment in which scholars, at every stage of their career, can flourish. SIMAD University offered Research Grants for the first time in history in 2018, sponsoring 5 projects in the fields of health sciences, public policy, computing, engineering, entrepreneurship, and business development.

Consulting and Training

We provide research-based and expert-driven consulting services for all types of organizations based on their specific needs and the environment in which they operate. We help decision-makers to keep pace with the ever-changing and challenging business environment, solve their organizational problems, and enhance their decision-making process to face future challenges.

We also offer a wide range of research support training and expert talks that enable you to develop your research skills. 

News & Highlights